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    Andrea Bettelli


    Your plugin is great and is very effective, however, let me … why not let administrators, the task of choosing the names and IDs of the added fields?
    It would be enough to add on the page of the Form Editor, their related input fields and call them by those names and ID, instead of creating functions, with names difficult to manage.
    Another small drawback occurs with the addition of the <Select> … If I want to leave the first row empty (just to force the user to select), your <Select> does not display empty lines. If I insert any other symbol, including ‘ ‘, the Request function does not inform that field is empty. Why not improved this bug?
    May I ask you, please, to answer my other two communications?
    Your answer will be very important.
    Thank you!


    Pie Register

    Hello Andrea,

    Thanks for posting these issues. Perhaps we will make it easy to get to the custom fields easily programmatically in our future releases, however the drop down error going to be fixed in our next release.



    Andrea Bettelli

    Hi Hasnain Abbas,
    nice to give you more informations for to get better your splendid plugin!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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