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Change User Login to First Name and Last Name in Email Verification

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    AvatarReisa Permatasari

    Hi Team,
    thanks for develop great plugin.
    I’m trying to change ‘User Login’ to ‘First Name and Last Name’ in email verification message.
    In page ‘Notifications : Registration Form’ i’m trying to use dropdown Replacement Key, but it does not work.
    So i change %user_login% to %first_name% %last_name%
    But the result in email not showing the correct name, just text of : %first_name% %last_name%

    if need info about user profile, in table wp_usermeta, the value for ‘meta_key’ column is :

    i’m not advanced in programming, but i guess is it because %user_login% is a column in table wp_user. different than first_name last_name that are value for ‘meta_key’ column in wp_usermeta ?

    Kindly to help.


    AvatarPie Register


    Please make sure that you inserted the variables in “HTML” mode of Editor.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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