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Has been amazingly productive and fruitful. From introducing new Addons to new features, integrating and updating the user experiences, it has been a happening year for us

4.1 Star Rating

Our core focus in 2019 was the customer satisfaction. We successfully managed to reach a 4.1 star rating (139 reviews), which definitely shows how much our team is working on customer support


Highly Efficient Support…

I see Pie Register as a constantly evolving plugin and this inspires confidence. If we add to that the excellent support service, which in my opinion is extremely important, it deserves to be awarded the five stars.


2 Years and Still Going…

I sent them an email to solve a problem I had, and the response time was unbelievably fast. This has been my best experience with any plugin purchase. Since 2017, I’ve purchased multiple licenses and addons with them. I highly recommend this plugin over other membership and restriction plugins, as they are extremely competent and the plugin itself is easy to use. Thanks again guys!


Great registration user and admin functions with helpful and fast sw support

I’ve been using Pie reg for a year now, and it is working smoothly on user and admin side. I translated it to hungarian language and I had some extra words, what Pie reg help to solve fast. Pie reg has lot of registration modes and functions, wich I can select and setup what I need.


Works great – responsive developers

I installed this plugin in a desperate attempt to defeat the 50+ BOTS per day that were registering on my website. No, Captcha did not stop them.

Using the Invitation Code feature of the standard version, I present the user with a registration question that a BOT would not know, but any hobbyist in this field would know immediately. Seems to be working fine!.


350K+ Downloads

We are proud to mention that our all time downloads have reached a milestone of 350K, with an average of 100 downloads per day.

16 Releases This Year

Pie Register had a total of 16 releases this year, out of which 3 were major. Here is an overview of what additions and changes happened in 2019.

Google Captcha

We added the following new languages for Google Captcha:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian

File Upload

Advance features include:

  • File size restriction
  • Viewing all files on admin dashboard
  • Download all attachments in bulk [PRO]

Invitation Codes

In the Invitation codes feature, these were the enhancements made: [PRO]

  • Added the expiry date option and Auto code generator for codes
  • Integrated the Import of codes in CSV file format under Import/Export
  • Introduced Invite users through Email

New Add-on & Advanced
features in Current Add-ons



A brand new add-on, Geolocation has been released in 2019:

  • For a more region based marketing.
  • It helps detect user’s region, city and longitude / latitude as an additionaladmin.

Profile Search

In the Profile Search add-on:

  • The UI for profile search has been updated
  • Advanced search filters have been added for quick and accurate results


What is in the Store
for Pie Register in

The support team behind Pie Register has worked day in and day out in 2019, for the continuous support and perfect error free working of the plugin. It was a busy year and we are already geared up for 2020. We want to share with you briefly what are our plans for 2020, and why we are so excited!

  • New Add ons are coming (Something surprising for Forums integration)
  • We are planning to integrate more Email marketing add ons. Currently we have only Mail Chimp
  • More flexible and user friendly interface and experiences for the Admin dashboard are to be unlocked
  • Existing features’ enhancement and UI update for the User dashboard
  • As demanded by our clients, Pie Register will be made compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, in near future
  • Making 2020 bigger and better, we plan to add custom product selling feature in our forms.

Did you miss out on the updates
and features we released in 2019?

If yes, upgrade now. And get excited for more advanced features and Add-ons coming your way in 2020!

Looking forward for
your continuous feedback
and support 🙂

It’s always welcoming to know how well we are doing. Wishing you all a safe and secure New year, from our team at Pie Register. Let us grow bigger together!