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To send a message, the Admin selects a form from the list of active forms, add the subject and message body. The Email can be sent right away or it can be saved as a draft for later use. The drafted message will now be under the Drafts tab. It can be edited later before sending. Once sent, the message goes into the Sent Items tab, with the columns displaying Form Name, Subject and Sent Date.

Key Features

  • Allows Admin to broadcast an Email message to all the registered users of a specific form.
  • Messages in the Draft tab are saved with the details of Form Name, Subject and Date Created. The message can be edited before it is sent.
  • Each email message sent will have the respective User name and Email for a personalized touch to the message.
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Custom User Registration Form

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It is so well designed that I won’t even will think of using any other plugin than Pie Register!! It provides great features other than creating form for user data collection. Form create, edit and preview with drag and drop options are amazing! hats off to the team!