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bbPress is a WordPress plugin that adds the functionality of a forum to your website. With the bbPress add-on for Pie Register, you can enable the Pie Register fields to be displayed on the bbPress user profile as additional information.

Users can directly edit the Pie Register profile information staying on the bbPress profile edit and it will automatically be updated on the Pie Register profile.

Key Features

  • Enable the Show in bbPress Profile option on selected Pie Register form fields.
  • The enabled Pie Register fields will be displayed on the bbPress profile page under¬† ‘Additional Information’.
  • User can edit the enabled Pie Register profile fields from the bbPress profile page directly.
  • The following Pie Register fields can be shown in the bbPress profile:

    • Standard fields: Text Field, Text Area, Drop Down, Multi-Select, Number, Checkbox, Radio Buttons
    • Advanced fields: Address, Date, Time, Phone, Profile Pic

Custom User Registration Form

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After testing some other plugins, pieregister worked as we need. And great support for their part.