Using Pie-Register

1.1 Create Registration Form

You are now all set to create your Registration Form with our easy user friendly Form Editor. Go to the Form Editor Menu under Pie-Register on the WordPress back-end. There are a couple of default fields already placed in for you. You can add or delete further fields as per your need on the form editor with easy drag n drop! If you wish to enable reCaptcha for Spam bots protection you may need to sign up for the keys and put them on the Pie_Register Settings page. For payment integration, Pie-Register has built-in paypal in the free version which can be used for one time payment. You will be able to carry out recurring transaction with many other payment systems in the paid version.

1.2 Notifications

Through Notifications you will be able to manage all types of communication that takes place after a form submission. The ‘Notifications’ feature will automatically send an email to the user as soon as he submits a form. Also, an email notification will be sent to an administrator with the statistics of the form entry.

1.3 Embedding Forms/Shortcodes

Now, you can easily embed your Login/Registration or Forgot Password forms anywhere inside a post, page or custom post type or even into the widgets through the use of shortcodes.

For login form use: [pie_register_login]

For Registration form use: [pie_register_form]

For forgot password form use: [pie_register_forgot_password]

For profile page use: [pie_register_profile]

1.4 Invitation Code

To protect your privacy, you can set multiple codes and can also keep track of your users with the help of Invitation Tracking Dashboard Widget.

With the use of following shortcodes, you can now embed Pie-Register forms into your Custom Pages, Post Types and Widgets:

1.5 Payment Integration

PieRegister efficiently integrates your payment process which ensures a swift, reliable and secure payment process for you.

1.6 Settings Page

From the Settings page of Pie-Register, you can configure your plug-in? settings and can also uninstall it.
Support License Key – will allow you to access automatic updates and support
Output CSS if you would like your plugin to output CSS then select from this option. In case you want to choose ‘No’ you will have to ensure that the necessary CSS for the plugin are incorporated in your theme CSS.
Installation Status Pie-Register will display numerous system requirements on the Settings page. This will include the current version of MySqL, PHP, WordPress and Pie-Register.
Uninstall Pie-Register Pie-Register will be uninstalled completely without losing any data if you uninstall the plugin through this option. Simply uninstall the plug to delete and deactivate Pie-Register.
Tracking Code/Scripts – You can insert scripts or tracking codes into your registration pages.

1.7 Unverified Users

To make sure you are not crowded with fake email registration, the unverified users have a defined grace period after which they get automatically deleted. (Managed under Users > Unverified Users)

1.8 Import/Export

Pie-Register allows you to Export all users with Custom Fields whether you want to Import them back to another website or just for the purpose of creating a backup. The Import/Export tool gives you the flexibility to export all or specific fields with a particular Date range in a CSV file.