Registering as a member on websites in order to access key features and restricted content is commonplace nowadays, often these registrations are free and are only used to collect user information and alter and improve on their experience as a user. Although this is not the case with all websites, some prefer to have their content private and only available to paying customers. These are called membership sites and they usually sell content on different niches and an excellent way to create a steady revenue stream for a business.

Pie Register is a WordPress Registration Plugin that will allow you to implement exactly that! With Pie Register you can create a registration form that only allows customers to access content that they have paid for via different well known payment services, such as PayPal , Stripe or Authorize.net. It also allows you to set certain criteria for a user to be banned from the site and lets you add CAPTCHAs to your forms which can be a basic layer of security against bots.

Pie Register allows you to charge your users a one-time fee to access the content on your website, making it simpler for both you and your users. You can also review registration requests and approve or disapprove them accordingly, in case your content is only for a specific target market or user profile!

The Pro version of Pie Register just adds to the convenience with features that allow you to set up user verification via email verification and admin approval both! Not to mention it allows you to block users specifically through their username, IP addresses and their email id for an extra layer of security and control. It also offers redirection of users based on their roles and content restriction, which can allow you to offer multiple membership types to your users.

User verification

Block users

Content Restriction

The pro version may not be required for your membership site but it definitely has its benefits if you’re looking for ultimate control over your website and the content it contains, otherwise our community version itself should be more than enough to fulfill all the basic needs of your website.

Do you have a content site or blog that you want to convert into a membership site? Try Pie Register Free Version and let us know about your experience!