Tutorials - Pie Register
2019-01-22 12:21:29

How to Setup User Email Notifications

Let’s say that you want to send user notifications for certain events such as when a user registers makes the payment or gets blocked to do that with a Pie register and click user notifications here you’ll see the different ... Read More

Setup Admin Notifications

If you want to set up emails to be sent to your admin during certain events such as user registration for the pod register, click admin notifications. This process is a lot like setting up user notifications, you can set ... Read More

Setup a widget

In order to add which is for your PR forms, go to appearance and click widgets here along with all the other widgets you’ll see the Pie Register widgets you can drag and drop them like you would normal widgets. ... Read More

WordPress Registration Plugin

PieRegister is a WordPress Plugin that helps you create User Registration Forms for your WordPress sites. Quickly create user registration and other forms for your website. Simply install the plugin in WordPress and use the intuitive, clean and simple Form ... Read More