Export, Add, Edit and Import User Data - Pie Register
2019-03-22 11:50:54

In order to add users to Pie Register you can use normal spreadsheet software to upload a CSV file to do this with a Pie Register on the sidebar and then go to import / export download the current user info and then open it using normal spreadsheet software simply add the new user info that you want to add. It’s not necessary to add data in all the different fields where it is necessary to add data depends on how you’ve set up your forms make sure you save the edited file as a CSV file now on the import side of the page, select the file with the editor user info and then decide whether you want to update existing users. This option is only relevant if you’ve edited info for users that already exist since all we’ve done is add a new user that doesn’t actually apply to us but i’ll keep it checked anyways click import once when you go to users you’ll be able to see the new user.