Terms And Condition

This website grants you non-exclusive limited license to use PieRegister Version 2.0 and other products sold through our website by Genetech Solutions in accordance with these Terms & Conditions (the “license) issued by our company.

1. PieRegister Licensing

PieRegister and its official add-ons are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 3). PieRegister is distributed in the hope that it will be helpful for its users, but without any warranty.

2. Automatic Upgrades

Automatic upgrades will be available to those customers who have purchased our license key.

3. Delivery

After a successful payment procedure, an email will be sent containing a download link and the support license key. This may take from minutes to an hour of placing the order. In case this time period exceeds and you receive no email then please contact us. You may then login to https://pieregister.com/ to acquire support. Using the email address used during the buying process of the plug in you can immediately access all support related material.

4. Ownership

You are not allowed to claim any intellectual or ownership rights. All products are property of PieRegister. They are rendered “as is” without warranty of any type. We are not to be held liable for any damages, including but not constricted to, direct, indirect, specific, incidental or eventful damages or losses that may take place out of the utilization or knowledge of our products.

5. Site Content

All the content present on this website, that is the imagery and documentation which is published on PieRegister’s website is the property of Genetech Solutions. Any duplicated site content must be accredited beforehand. No content material from this site will be used or employed for commercial or non-commercial intentions without the prior written consent of Genetech Solutions.

6. Refund Policy

Since we deal with non-tangible digital goods, refunds are not usually guaranteed. If you are unable to get the plugin installed properly or for some reason it fails to perform its basic function as designed and you have co-ordinated with the product support team for resolving your issues, refunds will be carried out at the sole discretion of Genetech Solutions. These refunds are not applied to any up-gradation or yearly renewals. No refunds will be granted after 30 days from the initial acquisition. You are required to agree to the conditions of the Refund Policy when you are buying the plug-in.

7. Support

Genetech Solution offers WordPress plugins “as is” and with no implied meaning that they will operate exactly as you would like or will be compatible with all 3rd party constituents and plugins. No support via email or any support for other WordPress plugins is offered by us.

Support is only being provided via the purchase of a support license key. The support license key grants you the permission to access PieRegister’s support documentation and forums. When you purchase a developer support license, you are given the access to our Priority Support Ticket system.

Support and automatic product updates are rendered for a period of 1 year from the time of purchase. After this time period, you will be required to obtain a new license in order to continue receiving support and product updates.

It is not permissible by any means for license holders to distribute, freely giveaway, or resell their license key. The license key can only be transferred by getting in touch with us and requesting an official transfer of the license to another owner. The license is only to be employed on the license holders web site(s). Client site utilization is allowed only in situations where the license holder holds a continuing relation with the client as a consultant.

Providing PieRegister as a service or providing PieRegister as part of a web hosting solution does not represent an ongoing client/consultant relationship under these terms.

Only the license holder is permitted to request support or access support resources.

License holders are not permitted to re-post support forum content or documentation on any external websites, social media outlets, etc. Posting screen captures of this content is also prohibited. Violation will be grounds for immediate termination of the support license and all access to support content and product updates will be discontinued.

8. Transactional Emails

Genetech Solutions may, on certain occasions, notify you via email about any updates related to PieRegister’s license. Such notification emails may contain notifications of licensing changes, alteration in our terms and conditions, license termination notices and other transactional emails regarding your purchase of PieRegister.

9. Alterations in Price

Genetech Solutions holds the right, to alter or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, a support license with or without any prior notification at any time. Product prices may change and all changes will be made available on the website.

10. Warranty

PieRegister is guaranteed to operate on a clean installation of WordPress. We are not liable for any kind of compatibility issues that may take place. We will provide quality support for our plugin as part of our policy and will render support for 3rd party plugin conflicts at our discretion with the passage of time. In case you experience any data loss after installing this plugin, we will not be held repsonsible for it.

11. Acceptance

Your purchase indicates that you have agreed to abide by our terms and conditions as detailed on this page.