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2019-03-21 09:07:11

How Pie Register can be a game changer for your consulting business?

Read Josh’s success story!

Starting a business is a rollercoaster ride which can be both fun and scary. Here is a success story from Josh, one of our oldest clients who was kind enough to let us talk about his business and how some small changes can lead to bigger benefits.

Josh is a Financial Consultant with a decade long experience of working with fortune 500 companies and a very impressive portfolio of successful projects. About 2 years ago, he decided to start his own consultancy firm and wanted to help small businesses and startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. He set up a WordPress website for his business and started reaching out to companies who could use his help, he also had a blog setup on the website where he was writing about his experiences, helpful tips and cheat sheets to help business owners.

A year passed and the business started with some small however steady clients but something unexpected also happened, Josh saw that people loved his blog and most of the queries he received were coming after reading his posts. Visitors on his website were asking him questions and some of them asked him to write a book about his experience in consulting and client relationship management.

The website was developed by our parent company, Genetech Solutions, he discussed this opportunity with their project manager and she suggested that it is time to tweak the model and from a consulting business, Josh’s business can also become a content selling business. She asked Josh to explore “Pie Register”, the registration plugin for WordPress websites and showed him how easy it is to set it up and he can do it himself without needing any coding skills.

After discussion, he decided to go on with it and Genetech Solutions did the following for his business.

  • We setup a registration mechanism with monthly subscription fee on the website using Pie Register.
  • We setup a page with “Ask me a question” form on his website where visitors can send him their questions (also done using Pie Register).
  • We helped him with packaging his content for his members, which included, exclusive e-books, templates and cheat sheets.
  • The member also get a set hours of online consultation from Josh, which included Skype/Zoom calls, email exchanges, etc.
  • We helped him with setting up his Email Marketing campaigns (also a Pie Register feature)

Read more about setting up a sales funnel using pie register.

Within 6 months, the above changes showed some really surprising results. The business was thriving and Josh had to hire more people to keep things working smoothly. Following were the results from Josh’s decision to do a little business makeover.

  • Having registered members gave him a steady income every month in the form of subscription fee.
  • Upselling to the members became easier.
  • The new “Ask me a Question” became a lead magnet and he hired people to maintain his sales pipeline.
  • The ability to consult online gave Josh the ability to cater a larger audience and gets clients from all around the world.

This changed the way how Josh was initially reaching out to the prospects and was interacting with his clients. It saved him time, effort and automated most of the work he needed to do for securing a good contract. Josh’s business was booming and his sales became 8X within the next two quarters and his team expanded from 4 to 15 people. They are now consulting for companies in three continents and 20 countries and are looking forward to expand their services and to add more clients to their portfolio.

Do you have a consulting business that can use some help in converting their information website to a membership website? Try Pie Register’s community version today!