Pie Register gives you the ability to restrict certain pages from now on logged in users and also restrict certain members from scenes a is depending on this subscription to show you what I mean is try editing one of our forms under advanced fields at our pricing field now let’s edit this field will say that the this is for different memberships now let’s say that we’ll have a certain price for subscribers and we’ll have a starting price at fifteen dollars for a month and then after that they will pay $10 for each additional month and they will have a roll of subscribers next we’ll give an option for say author of a starting price of $25 per month and the $20 for each additional month course we’ll give them the role of author now let’s say that we’re happy with that the way it is save our changes now let’s say that we want to make a page only available to our authors well go to edit the page as you would any other normal WordPress page scroll down to Pie Register page restriction and change visibility to show to author now only authors of course would be able to see this page you can decide whether they’ll other users will be redirected to a certain page whether the page will be blocked so here you can choose where they’ll be redirected to if you go that way let’s say that we want to block and instead of showing the page we’ll say that this page is only available to authors once you’re happy with the way things are click update and you’ve set up user restrictions.