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    No problem, please feel free to let us know if you have further
    questions and queries. Also please help us make Pie Register better and
    feature rich by giving us your valued suggestions and giving us a
    favorable rating.
    Just click here:



    Hi Steve,

    Yes you can modify the Thank you message as well as redirect users to a
    different page.

    Please go to Form Editor >> Scroll Down to Submit Button
    Click on pencil icon to bring more options, on that screen you will see
    3 options.
    1.) Text
    2.) Redirect to a page
    3.) Redirect to external URL

    Please choose the appropriate option and Hit Save Changes.

    Hope it helps!


    in reply to: Add Sending user their password to signup/thankyou message #10002429


    Due to security measure, we have removed this feature. If you want to
    send them password you will need to modify Pie-Register code.

    Please go to function filterEmail in Pie-Register > clasess > base.php
    Find where it reads:
    `$user_pass = “********”;`
    Please comment or remove this line.
    Save file
    You’re done!

    If you’re not comfortable with code modification please contact us or a
    developer to do so!

    Always make a backup of a file before you make any modification.

    One more thing, when you will upgrade the plugin all your custom coding
    and modification will be lost.


    in reply to: Version 2.0 Revisions #10002212


    • Upload missing file invitation_code_pagination.php into the package.


    • Added Invitation Code Dashboard Widget
    • Added Return and Reply Path on All Emails sent via Pie-Register
    • Removed Option to Modify Avatar
    • Stopped PR pages if already exist.
    • Added option to Override WP Profile Page
    • Added Option to Override WP Login/Registration/Forgot Password Pages.
    • Enhanced Invitation Code Module
    • Fixed Shortcodes related issues.
    • Display Error when CURL or FOPEN library not installed on Server.
    • Updated User Role Function.
    • Fixed Upgrading issues.
    • Fixed Email sending issues.
    • Fixed CSS issues.
    • Added option to import version 1.0 Email templates.
    • Fixed lot of minor issues and much more..


    • Added DB Version
    • Fixed Upgrading to version 2.0 issues from older version


    • Disable Pie-Register to modify avatars
    • Made Custom CSS and Tracking Code appears across the site


    • Major Release
    • First Stable version of 2.0 family
    • Fixed a lot of bugs in version 2.0.1


    • Fixed layout issues
    • Fixed Jquery Conflicts
    • Fixed profile Edit page
    • Fixed Redirect issues
    • Added WP User Roles on Registration
    • Added Profile Picture Option
    • Added Registration Date on Email templates
    • Added help page
    • Updated Get Free License Option
    • and much more


    • A totally new look sporting an attractive New Interface
    • Revamped with a lot of New Features.
    • Built in intuitive Form Editor
    • Added Shortcodes.
    • and much much more..
    • Warning: This is Beta Release – NOT recommended to upgrade/install on Production sites, it still in beta, suggestions and bugs reporting are welcome
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)