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2019-04-22 23:45:40

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    Teresa Iglesias

    Since yesterday I have a problem on my site, my hosting states:

    We indicated that apparently is causing the problem as the “foot-register-login” plugin. You must disable it (you can do FTP plugin renamed folder) and check access:

    This is the URL that is formed from the browser when trying to access the web:

    Pie Register – Login

    Can you help me to not have to disable the plugin?


    Teresa Iglesias

    I just wanted to say that the problem is solved.
    He had mistakenly activated another plugin that caused this
    Thanks and sorry


    Pie Register

    Np, I am glad you got it working. BTW if you can tell which plugin was causing the error?


    Teresa Iglesias

    I do not understand English very well , but I think you ask me what was the plugin that caused the error.
    It was this :


    Pie Register

    Thanks for your input. Yes absolutely, this was what we asked you.

    Thanks again

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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