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Problems with Pie Register and PayPal

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    Richard Behrens

    I’ve installed Pie Register on my site and am trying to set up a certain workflow. I’ve enabled the PayPal checkbox on the Gateway settings.

    I wish to do the following:

    1) The user goes to the site and sees a PayPal button. They click on it and get to PayPal, make their Payment, and get redirected to the site. This is working without an issue. I put the PayPal button as a widget on the sidebar.

    2) At this point I have a registration form that requires a verification code. The form is on the screen, the verification code field is on the form and is required. The problem is that I don’t know how to automate getting that code to the user.

    The ideal solution to me would be to customize the notification email that comes out from PayPal and includes a verification code (using the same one for every user is not an issue). But PayPal won’t allow us to modify the email test.

    There are user notifications in PieRegister but they only fire off when the user fills out the registration form. I’d like the email to reach them BEFORE they fill out the registration form.

    Perhaps I’m missing something. Does anyone know how to accomplish the following?

    1) User clicks on PayPal button and makes his payment, gets redirected to the Pie Register registration form.

    2) They are somehow instructed to include the given verification code. It could be on the registration form itself (in the field) but not visible before they made the PayPal payment.

    3) They submit the form and are added as members to the site and get an email welcoming them.

    I have worked on this for several days now and don’t know what to do.


    Pie Register


    I am afraid, You can only charge payment with PR after Registration
    process, however the account will only activated upon successful payment
    In your case, you may want to use a plugin to charge user a fee and send
    a License key to register through PR.



    Richard Behrens


    I took away the PayPal button and included PayPal in the registration process.

    Now the user clicks on Registration, fills out the Registration form, and is redirected to the PayPal site. He makes the payment and is bounced back to the blog. So far, so good.

    But now I have a tester who filled out the registration form, then when he got to the PayPal screen, he closed the browser. After doing so, he was registered with the site but can’t log in because he had hasn’t paid. He got an email saying he hasn’t paid.

    The only recourse we have at the moment is for the Admin to manually contact the user and tell him that he hasn’t paid. If he pays via PayPal, there’s no way to match up the user with the PayPal payment other than email address which may not be the same.

    What can be done? Ideally, there should be a link in the email that tells the user he hasn’t paid yet that sends him back to the PayPal page as if the Pie Register registration form had done it, and he can complete the process.

    Am I missing something? Please help me clean up this process, because your plugin is great and I want to use it!


    Pie Register

    Hello Richard,

    Yes, you can put Payment link on User notification emails. You can also
    send User a Payment reminder email right from you r dashboard (Users >
    Please feel free to post if you have further more questions.



    Richard Behrens

    Thanks for the response.

    Putting a PayPal link in the reminder email would be ideal. But how do I generate the link?

    It really should be a link that put the user directly into PayPal, and then after they make a payment, redirects them back to the blog.

    Can you send me an example of that type of link?


    Pie Register


    Yes you can simply put the link on user Notifications templates. Please
    go to User Notification page select a Template and put “Pending payment


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