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Big problem: any change in password causes failure

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    I have a members-only website where user can request registration and I need to approve.

    Today I got a mail from a registered user : he cannot change his password… The link sent by mail seems to go to the correct page where a new password can be entered twice. But hitting the “submit” button simply returns to the same page, and trying to use the new password sends us in loop : enter username & password ==> enter capcha ==> enter username & password ==> enter captcha.

    I then performed some tests:
    – create a new user by filling out the normal request form ==> user is created, but trying to login fails with same loop.
    – manually add the user in the website’s back end … same result : user is created but cannot login.

    It seems that registration is completely stuck when trying to do any modification.

    Please help. I have users that want to register but cannot.

    thanks in advance


    Pie Register

    Hi Danyf,

    Please share the following website details so that we can further look into it:
    – WordPress version
    – PR version
    – Theme used
    – Other plugins you have installed
    – Also if you could share a user from your site with me at pieregister@genetechsolutions.com that will help us debug the issue.

    Also you created 2 posts for this issue so I will remove the duplicate one 🙂


    Pie Register

    Hi Danyf,

    Got your email. I was able to sign in to the site, click different links, signout and then sign back in. You may need to test it using different browsers to see if this issue is coming on a specific browser.

    Please share your findings.

    Also we have just release PR Pro. Please see http://pieregister.com/ to see the additional options offered by PR Pro.


    olcay Birg

    I got the same problem as danyf
    i got also a e-mail from users that there can not reset the password
    it goes to a enlose loop insert new password the site loads again and so on
    and when i trying to modified the password on the backend panel and sent the new password to the user that there can login with this new password i sent.
    the user trying to login with the password i sent and it also not work and specially after that the account are complett removed ???
    i have deactivated the Pie login and use now the standart login with some add on select on the register panel and it works for me
    register – login – logout – forget password – reset password and login again works on my default wp-login

    Pie Register

    Hi Olcay,

    You are also able to solve it by closing and opening the browser again? What browser are you using?

    Pie Register

    Hi Dany,

    The issue you mentioned regarding CodePinch has been tested and that is not related. We will remove that function call from the future version.

    Also the credentials you provided by email did not work for us so we couldn’t test your system.

    If you do not have sensitive information on the site then please share admin details with us.

    Also please note that Pie Register’s Free version comes with Community Support while Email, Private Support Tickets and Screen Share Sessions are parts of Premium Support which comes with PR Pro. So PR free users can use email only to share credentials but rest of the communication goes thru Community Support Forum.

    Best Regards,

    Pie Register

    Hi Dany,

    I was able to login, use some options and log back in again on your website without restarting the browser. One thing I noticed is that your website works on both HTTP and HTTPS. I tried both:

    Inloggen Leden

    Inloggen Leden

    Both worked fine for me. Please try using both these in different browsers. I used FireFox and Chrome to test these links and both worked fine.




    I got the same problem with PR 3.0.4
    When a user forgot his password and want to reset is the mail is send, the verification code is also send but the user is removed.

    It is very annoying for the users.

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