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Daniela Zavallone

Hi thanks for replay but I tried, I use Poedit to change my translation but it doesn’t work.

I added:

msgid “Confirm E-mail”
msgstr “Conferma E-mail”

msgid “Mission/Organization”
msgstr “Missione/Organizzazione”

msgid “To”
msgstr “Da”

msgid “Indicate foreign state, if any”
msgstr “Indicare Stato estero, se presente”

msgid “Role/Office”
msgstr “Ruolo/Ufficio”

msgid “Office Phone Number”
msgstr “Telefono Ufficio”

msgid “Accept the term of use”
msgstr “Accettare il termine di utilizzo”

This is the page in English: http://diplomacy.inadventure.it/en/subscribe/
that is in italian: http://diplomacy.inadventure.it/iscriviti/