Reply To: Can't get it to work

Anna Sue Edwards

When I in editing mode on one of the Pie-Register pages like Login and I click on the permalink, it takes me to the home screen, not the specific register/login/profile/forgot screen.

Also, the same thing happens if I click on one of those links from the menu links.

When I go to edit mode for one of those pages, I see the shortcode that the software has inserted.

I need answers to this right away, please. My client is eager to launch the site.

I simply cannot get your software to work. Maybe it is my inexperience with it but, if so, I need direction on how to make it function.

There is a link on my menu under Post to Blog called Register. I tried to link it there. If you click on that link, it shows the shortcode but not the form. Support tole me to enter it in text mode, which I did, and it did not fix the issue.


Additionally, I am not getting email notifications when this topic is updated.