Reply To: Modify Login Form Text

scott miller

Thanks for the reply…I thought about doing that, but won’t I lose that edit whenever the Pie Register plugin is updated? I prefer the “apply_filters” suggestion that I made above since 1) some change needs to be made to the plugin to keep such edits persistent across plugin version updates and 2) it provides a lot more flexibility, in the sense that a user’s “functions.php” file can make any change the user would like to the html string (maybe changing text as in my example, but maybe adding css or or a new class name to some html tags).

So I’ve added my apply_filters call as indicated in my original question–and I’ve done the same for the pieOutputResetForm() calls as well. (I think that’s the function name.) I’ll just have to remember to continue to edit your files whenever they’re updated (unless you decide to add the apply_filters calls or some other persistent workaround).

Thanks again.