Reply To: PIE Lost Password not sending email

Kevin Williams

Hi Mohsin,Randy works with us as our WP developer. We had some back and forth with him and wanted to include our e-mails here, as per his testing it shouldn’t have anything to do with our servers or our server configs. Also, all other e-mail is working except for Forgot Password, so shouldn’t have anything to do with the SMTP settings or anything like that. Hopefully this thread between us might provide more details into the issue we’re having across all of the Tours we’ve set up for clients:From Me: So it looks like it is an issue across all tours (attached). So where is the error message, “”Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail () function””, being generated from, do you know? Is that something I can have HM look into?From Randy: See, that is really not the issue and the misleading thing about that message. I know exactly where that message is generated in the code since I tracked all this already. It is just a very basic “”it didn’t work”” type of message. The main issue is when you try to reset the password, it tries to generate a temporary reset link and then drop that into the email that gets sent to the user for resetting their password. You have seen these before I am sure. They are a very long series of numbers and letters as a temporary (24 hour usually) code that allows you to follow that link to unlock your profile. Something along the way of dynamically assembling this email is getting messed up and the message comes back empty. NO MAIL function would ever work if there as no message data. (That is not just in PIE Register, this is for any type of email message used in the mail function.) Again, if there were an issue with your hosting then none of the email notifications would work across the board. We already know this is not the case. Additionally, when I replace the message (as in “”hard code a random message”” for testing) there is no error. However, this only proves the issue is not the server. I still need all kinds of dynamic information to attach to that email. Mainly the reset URL!From Randy: I just tested the lost password feature on the main parent site and it worked. That is, of course, using WordPress default methods, not the PIE plugin. Does any of this information help you get to the bottom of it by chance? Thanks Mohsin.