Reply To: Admin connection failed

Sybil Boquet

There is always a problem with the admin login (with PR 2.0.20).
Here is what happens:
– I log into my site
– I close my browser
– I open my browser and I’m going to my site
– The WordPress Admin Bar appears with my username, as if I was logged
– I use WordPress menu to go to the administration page (/wp-admin)
– I am redirected to the wordpress login page (/ wp-login)
It’s a error. Why am I redirected ? I am already connected !

If I put the “Redirect Logged-in Users” or “Block WP-Login Pages” option to yes, there is a infinite redirection loop (/wp-admin -> /wp-login -> /wp-admin -> /wp-login -> /wp-admin -> /wp -login …)

Could you fix this bug ?

Thank you.