With the Pie Register application, you can now verify users from your mobile device (Android), send them verification emails without having to log in to your WordPress dashboard. With advanced filters, admin can easily search and process users under the unverified user section. The Invitation codes feature lets you generate and send invitation codes to restrict and limit user registration on your exclusive website. Click here to install

Key Features

  • Displays the list of unverified users with their registration date, email, role, and type of verification required.
  • Search by username or use advanced filters to display users based on Verification type and User role.
  • Select multiple users to verify, delete, or resend payment and verification emails.
  • Enable notifications from the settings to get notified for new user verification requests.
  • Add multiple invite codes manually with their usage count.
  • Set up an Expiry Date for the invite codes. [Premium]

  • Auto-generate the invite codes defining the prefix and number of codes to create. [Premium]
  • To send invitation codes, select the registration page name and list down the email addresses. [Premium]
  • Set up an email template with the subject and email body containing the invitation code. [Premium]

Custom Registration Form

Create online registration forms in minutes, no coding, zero hassle...

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