Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Pie Register plugin?

Please review the Documentation section. Every step is mentioned for automatic or manual installation. Click here to Go to the Installation guide

How can I add or delete preferences to my registration page?

You can customize your registration pages from Pie-Register’s simple and user-friendly form editor.

Will I be able to charge my users?

Pie-Register effectively integrates your payment process which enables a quick and secure payment process for you.

How can I be protected from spammers?

Pie-Register has built-in support for reCaptcha, that prevents bots or spammers to get registered!

I don’t want my blog to be overcrowded? What to do?

You can use the Invitation Codes feature to block unwanted registrations. You can view the stats from its built-in Dashboard widget.

How can I prevent fake email addresses from registering?

Users will have to click on a validation link to prove that they are not registering by using a fake email address. Also, you can enable Email Validation feature on Pie-Register’ Settings page that will send an email with a unique verification link every time a user gets registered.

How can I embed the Login/registration forms on my Custom Page(s) or sidebar?

With the use of Shortcodes ([ pie_register_login ] & [ pie_register_form ]), Pie-Register allows you to place your registration forms anywhere you desire. With the use of shortcodes and built-in Widgets, Pie-Register allows you to place the login/registration forms anywhere you want.

How do I set up the Profile pages?

Pie-Register provides you with a shortcode ([ pie_register_profile ]) to display the profile page on the front end allowing your users to edit their profiles. Enjoy the liberty to insert the shortcode on any page or even on custom post types.

How do I embed Forgot password login into the theme or in custom pages?

You can embed Forgot password login into your theme and custom pages by inserting a simple shortcode ([ pie_register_forgot_password ]).

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