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Invitation Only Registrations

Do you have an exclusive site? Pie Register offers an Invitation Only Registration feature. Once enabled, users can only register when you send them an invitation code/invite. This will protect your privacy and prevent unwanted registrations. You can easily set multiple codes and invite codes can also help you keep track of your users with the help of the Invitation Tracking Dashboard Widget.


How to Enable Invitation Codes? #

  • Login to your blog/site and go to your dashboard.
  • In the dashboard’s menu, hover/click onPie Register > Invitation Codes.
  • Check Enable Invitation Codes checkbox to enable invitation only registration. This setting is saved automatically. You must also add the invitation code field to your Registration form.



Raw Codes #

You can set up your own codes with the Raw codes feature. Write multiple codes on separate single lines, set its maximum usage and expiry date [PRO].

  • Insert Codes: Add single or multiple codes as required. No special characters are allowed. Enter one code on each line.
  • Usage: This lets you set the maximum number count a code can be utilized for.
  • Expiry Date[PRO]: Here you can define the expiry date, that is for how long the code will be active. Only available in PRO Version.


Auto Generate Codes [PRO] #

If you are using the PRO version of Pie Register, you can auto-generate the codes for your ease. Just set a prefix and length of the code, and random codes will be generated.

  • Code Prefix: In this section, write down code prefix. The prefix should contain a minimum of three characters.
  • Code Numbers: This section sets the number of codes to be generated. The maximum number is 10.
  • Usage: Write the number of times a single code can be used to register here.
  • Expiry Date: You can set an expiry date for the code in this section. If you leave this empty, the invitation code will never expire.

Click the Add Code button to add the codes in the Code table.


Invite Through E-mail [PRO] #

In the PRO version, you can also send an exclusive invitation Email to the users, and invite them to register with your website.

Add the users in the Invite Users to Register section, with comma separations. In the Customize Email template section, add in the following details:

  • Registration Page
  • Select invitation code
  • From (Name)
  • From (Email)
  • Subject
  • Message body

You can also use the shortcode of the Invitation Link in the message body.


Import Codes Through CSV [PRO]

Pie Register’s PRO version allows you to import the invitation codes in JSON format through a CSV file.

Here is how you can import your invitation codes:

  • On the left side panel of your WordPress dashboard, click/hover on Pie Register > Import/Export.
  • Go to the section of Invitation Codes.
  • Choose a CSV file, in JSON format.

An example of a CSV file is also available for review below the Import file line.