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Best WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Products

When it comes to buying digital products, purchasing them online is the most feasible option and as we know that this ease of online shopping has made online e-commerce businesses highly profitable. If you are considering jumping on the bandwagon with your own digital products, here we have a guide to help you do just […]

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How to Choose the Right WP Registration Plugin

Whether you are an experienced developer or a newbie who is trying to set up their first WordPress website, choosing the right plugins is incredibly crucial and can make or break the deal. Plugins can make setting up a WordPress website a piece of cake, however, selecting the right plugins is not an easy feat. […]

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Collecting Customer Data – Dos and Don’ts!

Customer data collection is an essential part of any business’s growth strategy in today’s world of digital marketing, remarketing and customer acquisition. However, when dealing with data one must be careful w.r.t the usage, privacy, and security of the collected data. When a customer shares their personal information with you, they expect that it will […]

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Custom Registration Form

Create online registration forms in minutes, no coding, zero hassle...