Admin can hide fields on the form and display them a few at a time as the user registers, breaking a single form into parts. This is most useful when you don’t want to overwhelm the user and want the fields to be displayed step by step during the registration and hide them later, or vice versa.

You can also enable the fields to be Read-only on the registration form, the profile page or both to restrict users from changing the details once they have filled them.

Key Features

  • Allows you to show or hide fields on Registration, Profile, or Both.
  • Enable the Read-only option for fields on Registration, Profile, or Both.
  • Field visibility can be applied to the following fields: Name, Text field, Text Area, Dropdown, Multiselect, Number, Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Address, Date, Time, Phone, Upload File, Profile Picture, List and Two-step Login via SMS (Twilio).
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Custom User Registration Form

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